5 Phone Apps to Help Manage Your Money

5 Phone Apps to Help Manage Your Money

Saving, spending, budgeting, and paying off debts we all try to do it and do it responsibly. But it's not always easy to pay bills, buy groceries, and budget for your future all while enjoying the cash you work so hard for.
In today's tech-filled world, it's easy to find an app for just about anything, including controlling your money. So get out your smartphone and head to the app store to try one of these money-saving tools:

MintPowered by Intuit

Mint can help you track your spending, pay your credit card bills, and even provide you with your credit score. This app can link to any of your financial accounts, including student loans and utility bills. You can set up notifications that will remind you when payments are due and how much each costs, as well as keep track of your account balances and loans in an up-to-date and categorized location. Available in all app stores, Mint is ready to help you manage all of your financial accounts and keep track of your spending habits.


Also known as You Need A Budget, this app will teach you how to manage your money and save for your future with ease. With their claim of a proven method for budgeting, YNAB is a great place to start your money-saving journey. You can set up goals, share your budget with a partner, and read easy-to-understand reports of your progress with this non-restrictive software. Their goal is to teach you how to prioritize and plan for anything and everything financially smartly and intuitively. YNAB is available in all app stores and even works with Alexa to easily access updates and other information.


Another app that helps you control your spending and create a budget is Mvelopes. Similar to the old-school method of putting cash into envelopes for separate spending categories, this app helps manage where your money needs to go and when each budget is spent. Allocating where each dollar you earn should go can help pay off debt quickly and keep you debt-free. Aside from paying bills and budgeting for groceries, you can create goals, such as a vacation or a new car, and add money automatically each month for easy savings.


Similar to Mvelopes, Goodbudget keeps track of your spending and helps you set goals using the envelope method. After each paycheck you receive, money is set aside for monthly bills and expenses. For spouses, partners, and roommates, you can easily sync your budgets and split your monthly target, as well as work together to save up for a new home, car, or other personal goals. You can also track your debt payoff progress and figure out a timeline for a debt-free life! Goodbudget is available on both app stores.


For those who have a better grip on money management and are looking for a way to save smart, Digit can help. This program analyzes your spending habits to save the perfect amount every day, and you don't even have to think about it. Digit uses a sophisticated algorithm that learns how you spend and knows when to save more or less, depending on your lifestyle. Simply link your accounts, set an unlimited amount of goals, and before you know it, you'll be saving. Whatever your lifestyle, this app decides how much should be saved, even if it's only a penny. Enjoy a 1 percent savings bonus every three months, overdraft protection, and freedom from obsessing over money-saving tactics.
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