5 Smart Ways to Use Olive Oil

5 Smart Ways to Use Olive Oil

Here are five ways you can use olive oil that have nothing to do with food.

Polish Your Shoes

With a dab of olive oil and a soft cloth, you can polish your shoes in no time. Test a small spot first to be sure the oil doesn't damage the material.

Camouflage Leather Scratches

With olive oil and a cotton cloth, you can neutralize scratches on leather furniture. Try this trick for your leather car seats as well!

Seal Rattan and Wicker Furniture

Rub a small amount of warmed-up olive oil over the surface of this furniture to keep it hydrated, even in the driest climates.

Shine Stainless Steel

Rub a bit of olive oil over stainless steel surfaces to easily bring back the shine and look like new.

Unstuck a Zipper

With a tiny dab of olive oil, your zipper should come undone. Consider using a Q-tip for application, as olive oil can stain certain fabrics.
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